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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Girlfriend said Monday "Did you see my neighbor with anti-abortion signs on lawn? I want to ask, how many unwanted children did they adopt?"

Then we discussed the case of  Dr. George Tiller who was killed May 2009 -  the murderer currently awaiting trial in Wichita Kansas.

My twitter status last week was imported into facebook. I made a stir with the above quotation. Three of my friends and I discussed the issue of abortion - After more than twenty comments later I'm pasting my feelings here. This is not a topic people tend to agree upon. My blog, so... my personal opinion.

I can't support the pro-life movement especially when it leads to the murder of doctors, (shot in their own church???) who will be a murder target next?
Women who choose to have abortions or the men who impregnate them? If I were able to conceive, I would want every available option (late term abortion if necessary) open if something were to go terribly wrong with a pregnancy.

Then again, it's a total crap shoot - with our combined family history, I'm likely to have a child with mental health problems or pass along my own endocrine disorder. So... why wouldn't I adopt right?

As humans, we are supposed to be more intelligent than animals. I'm not seeing that being the case when it comes to sex and breeding practices - Abortion shouldn't be the problem here. Until we start spaying and neutering our own species with more regularity, we still need a back up plan since condoms, birthcontrol pills or abstinence don't seem to work - Sex leads to pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, profit and poverty. So, lets just give up and tax sex at this point.

Is the christian conservative movement effecting Canada like in the United States regarding personal rights and freedoms? This is not a dig to religion, just a question. I was under the impression I'm from a country more tolerant of personal choice - Many rules imposed by government are progressive toward environmental standards: regarding smoking, recycling, emission standards? Gay marriage, common law unions and so on? Having choice and being our own medical advocate regarding any health issue is key - Especially when it comes to serious diseases like [remove word abortion: insert cancer] cancer. Some people choose not to get treated because death is less expensive. We put a price tag on everything unfortunately. Death ->life ->choice. If we are able to make choices regarding how we die, we should have the same choice when it comes to creating life.

With my hormone disorder, most doctors who have treated me want to chemically sterilize me with birth control pills. This is not fixing my hormone disorder or my infertility - It mearly masks the problem. At 30 years old I'm now taking HRT made at a compounding pharmacy. $150 a month to force my body into producing the hormones any 30 year old girl should have readily available. So I look around at all the women who have children, that I so desperately want for myself, who foolishly waste their gift of fertility. I do not condone frequent abortion as a method of birth control, neither do I condone to the use of heroin, cocaine or any substance that harms fetal development.

Proper germination and ecological conditions are needed to sustain life. Some people being born into this world are not getting these specific needs fulfilled. Drastic reproduction education needs to be practiced with the help of the government and religious groups. Creating a human life seems too easy than the energy it takes to care for one.