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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I should write entries more... Here goes:

Went to Canada for two weeks to see family and friends, but I'll write More on that later.

Now back, I find myself exhausted, trying to pull myself out of bed and get some shit done around the house once again.

Today, I finally managed to get to my two drug stores and pick up scripts I called in Saturday. One is a compounded Thyroid medication: T3 only, for what some call Wilson Syndrom which kinda sounds hokey. But all the research about how estrogen works in the body - how body temperature effects hormonal mechanisms, resonates with some real data -> So I'm giving it a shot. It's been over a month and I've noticed better tolerance of outdoor temperature. Also found that my outdoor light sensitivity, without sunglasses, is better - which is an odd change.

Second, I picked up my Prometrium which I'm to take monthly days 17-26 of my cycle. Well, my bad and I'm starting on day 27. Took it early this evening and it has hit me like a brick. I'm feeling really droopy and dizzy. It has never made me feel this tired before - hope that means it's really working.

Since Canada, I've been dreading the fact I need to make another doctor appointment with some one in the GYN community. I'm trying to save my insurance for more critical things, but I swear that when in Toronto, getting ready for clubbing with friends, the corset I tried on, ruptured something on my left side. What? Another tumor on the left ovary this time? A piece of Endometriosis? Or... now, do I need a hernia operation on my intestine? God - this really sucks. Last time I looked into this I ended up spending our whole insurance deductible ($5000) on some stupid colonoscopy that turned up with nothing. I just need a scan for starters.

Who has an ultrasound machine?