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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I should write entries more... Here goes:

Went to Canada for two weeks to see family and friends, but I'll write More on that later.

Now back, I find myself exhausted, trying to pull myself out of bed and get some shit done around the house once again.

Today, I finally managed to get to my two drug stores and pick up scripts I called in Saturday. One is a compounded Thyroid medication: T3 only, for what some call Wilson Syndrom which kinda sounds hokey. But all the research about how estrogen works in the body - how body temperature effects hormonal mechanisms, resonates with some real data -> So I'm giving it a shot. It's been over a month and I've noticed better tolerance of outdoor temperature. Also found that my outdoor light sensitivity, without sunglasses, is better - which is an odd change.

Second, I picked up my Prometrium which I'm to take monthly days 17-26 of my cycle. Well, my bad and I'm starting on day 27. Took it early this evening and it has hit me like a brick. I'm feeling really droopy and dizzy. It has never made me feel this tired before - hope that means it's really working.

Since Canada, I've been dreading the fact I need to make another doctor appointment with some one in the GYN community. I'm trying to save my insurance for more critical things, but I swear that when in Toronto, getting ready for clubbing with friends, the corset I tried on, ruptured something on my left side. What? Another tumor on the left ovary this time? A piece of Endometriosis? Or... now, do I need a hernia operation on my intestine? God - this really sucks. Last time I looked into this I ended up spending our whole insurance deductible ($5000) on some stupid colonoscopy that turned up with nothing. I just need a scan for starters.

Who has an ultrasound machine?


  1. I am very curious to follow your progress with Wilson's Syndrome. I know it sounds hokey but I have several relatives that have really been helped. I am currently looking at it myself. Here is a website that is a little easier to understand than the grandady site you posted.

    See what you think and what your readers think. I am getting more convinced as my symptoms mount. Last week a Naturopath told me my throid blood tests were normal. That is, I guess, a big clue

  2. I need to write an entry to update my progress. The T3 30MCG Triiodo-l-thyronine sustained release didn't do much for me when I took it. I have found progesterone and estrogen from the compounding pharmacy to be a better bet. Thinking mostly that I'm facing early menopause. Right now I'm dealing with another health issue that is totally worth blogging about and completely gross. Thanks so much for your comment and your information, I'm very glad to get feedback and collect more resources. Please email me if you want to talk further: