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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lovely Day

Days like today are hard to top. Sometimes we play hard and pass out.
Sometimes we dig big holes in the yard and eat too much ice cream. Today was a dog walk with the local tween from down the street.

We mailed a letter at the post office. We bought special root beer at the local grocery store. We came home and played doctor on the dog as Atka needed a bandage over a small wound.

I love spending time with the tween girls. Even more so when I'm confided in about troubles at home. I've lived through inconsistent parenting - where the child/parent roles reverse. It's a struggle, some practical lessons are learned along the way - even though they are toughest lessons to learn. We have an open door policy if anyone needs a safe place to say. Today I heard so-and-sos mom is a nice drunk, so-and-sos mom is a mean drunk.

All I can hope for when we have kids permanently in the home is that I'm the nice drunk mom.

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